3D Nail Printers Portable Painting Machine Automatic Mobile Wireless nail printer

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Product name:3D Nail Printers Portable Painting Machine Automatic Mobile Wireless nail printer
Keyword:Nail printer
Machine Size:175*168*175mm
Printer time:35s
Input Voltage:AC100-240V
Net Weight:1.6 kg
Package Size:25*21.8*25.5 cm
Lead time:3-7days

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Operation training Video

What is O’2nails Mobile digital nail printer

What is O’2nails Mobile digital nail printer: It combines printing technology and nail art, which enable nail printer to print any pictures even your photos on the nail. The machine controlled by O’2nails APP through WIFI, the APP is free and available for both iphone and Andriod phone.

  • How to use: You just need to do some basic manicure care for your nail first, just need to apply base gel, base color gel as a background and etc, then print your favorite picture with our nail printer. Only 40 seconds, the picture will on your nail.
  • The advantages of O’2nails : Up to 800 nail art designs in APP’s gallery for your selection, or picking up your favorite photos from the album of your smartphone. Professional design team will upload several new designs to APP every week, you can download and use them for free. And our unique inkjet printing technology ensures the high resolution and clear vision of print effect.
  • Certified Safe: Our nail printer has already passed ROHS, CE, FCC certification, besides printer, all consumables you need to use with machine have MSDS report. O’2nails protect safety system ensures complete protection for you.
  • What You Get: Various designs from professional designer. Good after-sales service, 15-month limited hardware warranty. Professional training system through on spot, online and video3D Nail printer

How to use it

step 1:apply Base gel,then put the finger under the LED lamp to solidify
step 2:BC apply the base gel soak-off,then use the LED lamp to solidify
step 3:NM apply the nail mask,dry it with the cold wind
step 4:PG apply the print gel
step 5:print the pattern, dry it with the cold wind ,then use the LED lamp to solidify
step 6:TS apply the top gel soak-off,,use the LED lamp to solidify

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Print the pattern

1)download the app O’2NAILS on your phone
(every nail printer has specific code and a WIFI code,
download the app can match the link completely. you can check it on the photo)
2)connect wifi from the nail printer V11,input password 88888888
connect nail printer camera with wifi
3)send the photo you want to the nail printer
4)put your finger into the printer
5)select the pattern,adjust patternposition and size

We have videos to help you how to use it ,if you want ,pls contact us.


PG(print gel):the upgrade of PP(Pre-print),donot need to use the LED lamp to solidfy.
NM COAT :Brush on the edge of the nail to avoid ink painting on the skin when painted (Peel Off Anti-overflow Nail )
TS (TOP COAT):For nails, after painting the pattern, keep the painted pattern lasting and glossy
BS( BASE COAT):Nail coloring machine dedicated color glue, as the background color of the painted pattern
NAIL CLEANSER:ues for cleaning the nail or the gel
GEL REMOVER PAD:use for cleaning the gel nail 

print 1 nail each time at best 
the best distance is 1mm-2.5mm when putting your finger to the nail printer.

1*Nail Machine,1*BC(7ml),1*NM(7ml),1*PG(7ml),1*TS(7ml)
20*Nail cleanser pad,20*Gel remover pad,1*Ink cartridge,1*LED lamp

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  • Do you have any warranty?   

    Yes, we have. 12 month warranty on host machine is given. Six months free replacement warranty for handles, treatment heads, and parts.

    How is your after-sale service?   

    We have a professional technology supporting team for your timely services. You can get the help you need in time by telephone, webcam, online chat (Google talk, Facebook, Skype). Please contact us once the machine has any problem. Best service will be offered.

    Will you teach how to use the machine?  

    Yes, we can provide a complete user manual and usage video for instruction and application. And 24/7 online consultant service ensure you whatever problem and whenever you meet, you can solve easily.  It is easy to operate by anyone with the instructions.

    How about the shipment?   

    The machine will be shipped within 2-3 days after the receipt of your payment. 



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